Luisa Fernanda Rua

trust nobody.

everyone is egoistic and altruistic both of which are good and evil.
  • i saw his ex and all that came to my mind is if he ever compares me to her.

    i wonder if he wishes i had something she had. i wonder if he thinks about her. i wonder if he reminisces about the good times he had with her and overlooks the times we have had. i wonder if i lack something he loved from her. and even worse i wonder if he regrets leaving her. 

    i know feelings for people change; and the reason one finds a new person to be together with is to find a different and truer meaning of happiness. i just hope that i can provide the happiness he needs. 

    it crosses everyone’s mind, their ex. all hope goes towards not making the same mistake as ‘the ex’ and not being the same as them but just knowing that ‘the ex’ made your significant other happy makes everyone wonder how they did just that.

    what makes me different from his ex ? what makes me better, or worse ?

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  • "Love is a decision, not just a feeling"
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